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Zipper mechanical thermal resistance clothing requirements

by:ZYZM     2022-03-22

The most important measure for improving clothing protection in cold environments is zipper machinery for small work and life, Standard National Team 11079-2007 (Ergonomics of Thermal Environments - To Determine Required Clothing Insulation and the local cooling effect and interpretation of the cold wrist) designed toguide the evaluation of human exposure to cold environments should be cold. The technical report provides the method of MARTIN OK (determining) the required thermal resistance of clothing (1BEQ), that is, by calculating the heat exchange body, in a cold environment, combined with the heat balance equation of the human body, according to different physiologically tolerated Bear with at least the amount of clothing and comfortable clothing. If there is a small amount of actual clothing: comfortable clothing predicts time tolerable to the human body. Clothing thermal resistance required to maintain body heat balance and acceptable temperature, skin temperature clothing thermal resistance defines the actual human environmental condition requirements. The ISO 1079-2007 standard for thermal clothing needs, assessment of causing colds should be applicable both indoors and outdoors, with intermittent opportunities to stay in cold environments. Plants to maintain the thermal balance of the body, the zipper mechanical thermal resistance clothing requires the amount of heat that must be achieved is equivalent to the heat loss of the body and cows. The determination of what to wear is mainly based on environmental climatic conditions, activity levels, and physiological tolerance. In cold environments, heat exchange is calculated for the human body and the environment. This article is from City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting:

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