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Some tips for zipper maker of green hands

Some tips for zipper maker of green hands


Recently, i receive some inquiries from fews customers saying he wants to set up a new zipper factory, please send complete zipper production line and machines required for the process......

However, the probability of success for setting up for him is low or he is lost in thought for endless considering about this project without taking up any action when i sent them the production line with machines process......

Is the machines process hard to understand or hard to set up ? Absolutely NOT. 
What i want to say is to narrow your target at the beginning,  you will have more bigger chance to success.

Here some tips for a newer making who need zipper machines: 

There are about 4 type of zippers, i am saying common types: metal, nylon, plastic and invisable zippers.

1,  what kind of zipper you are going to make ? 

it is very important to get to know what kind of zipper move fast and more popular in your target market. 

As a newer, we not suggest you to start with making all 4 kind of zipper, because it not only require a lot of workers and technical enginer for asistance, but also many zipper machines and amount of materials like pin, box, sliders, bottom/ top stop, tape etc.

Due to this, choose one or two kind of zipper to start with at the beginning is a shortcut for newer. egm metal zipper, nylon zipper. 

2, From which process you will strat with ? 
There is long chain process and assembly size zipper process. 

A zipper from start to finish, in front of you, there turns up all material necessary like tapes, teeth, sliders, pin and box, top /bottom stops...... 

Some one would like to start with tape, however, i suggest newer to start with size assembly zipper. 
It is quite simple to buy all necesary material then form them into a finish zipper by using zhenyu zipper machine in a short time.

3, Which area your zippers will apply to ? where your zipper will be widely used ? 
Metal open end zipper : they are widely used in jeckets, coats etc. 
Metal Closed end zipper: they apply for jeans, pockets, trousers, skirts, dress, bags and shoes. 

Nylon open end zipper : they are widely used in jeckets, coats etc. 
Nylon closed end zipper: they apply for pockets, trousers, skirts, dress, bags and shoes. 

Plastic zipper is almost same using area as nylon.
However, for invisable zipper, it is normally use in women's dress, bedding, fureniture , car seating and travelling etc. 

Above all, almost each part of a zipper, there will be a machine for assemblying. Sometime if the zipper size different, differnt size of machines is needed. 
Finally, when you know above 3 important decisions, the rest we will be happy to help you. 
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions......

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