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2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair ended

2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair ended


Spot lights are very important lighting fixtures for both residential lighting and commercial lighting. Among various spot lights, halogen spot lights and LED spot lights are the most popular ones, however halogen spot lights are energy swallowing monsters with high wattage. LED spot lights are the only available solution for keeping the energy consumption under control as it is having great energy efficiency. LED spot lights can be used to replace the old dull halogen spot lights. This will account for lesser consumption of energy. As the LED lights require only very less power, it is good to use in solar powered mode. Longer life time of LED spotlights is as important as energy efficient nature. One can expect a standard LED spotlight to operate for nearly 5 years without any maintenance. This fact brings about great convenience as effort and cost required for maintenance are sometimes beyond the tolerable limits.

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