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Tami Yiku Bright Opening

Tami Yiku Bright Opening


In coming 2013 Lighting Exhibition Fair, Tami officially launched the YIKU brand, to create the most professional bedroom lamp, bright opening, together with lighting exhibition event.  Tami YIKU is made of acrylic, crystal, aluminum together with hardware, it’s latest design, positioning is very clear - the bedroom light. In fact, it is a good product if not combined with "attention", can not create market value. In the lighting market, lamp is full of beautiful design, all show the protagonist only sitting room, but no bedroom light. 

General manager of Tami Lighting Mr. Jin Kekai insight that comply to market demand. launched TAMI YIKU brand,  meanwhile light source comprehensive upgrade for low-carbon LED lighting and improve the quality of the product value. The lamp during the expo, there will be hundreds of patented products listed, let\'s wait and see!  The latest monopoly shop will be location in Word Trade Expo Center, the  store image design, filling the space of artistic beauty, a strong sense of space. White-based, simple and stylish, highlighting the new store style. In the show, there is also a breakthrough, change the past practice of spatial whole show, but sub- space, sub-regional exhibition, highlighting the features and benefits of lighting. 

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