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Vies of factory

Vies of factory


Cold-formed steel building system is a load bearing wall system that combines three highly acceptable building methods, built-up steel joist cassette, hollow-core concrete slabs or composite steel/concrete deck resting on light steel framing stud walls. The system is typically ideal for low to mid-rise construction (3 to 10 story high buildings). This story limit covers a wide range of building usage, including apartment buildings, office buildings, health care facilities, hotels, schools, and dormitories. Steel stud walls offer the advantages of fast and clean installation and lightweight. Hollow-core concrete slabs offer the advantages of high stiffness-to-weight ratio, rapid field installation, and the longest design spans when compared to other floor systems and the composite steel/concrete deck provides permanent form and tension reinforcement for the floor slab. The complete system offers faster time schedules, reduced cost, and better coordination with other construction groups.

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