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Recommend Product- Zhenyu Invisible Zipper Bottom Stop Machine


Do you encounter problems of high labor cost and low efficiency in zipper manufacturing?

Now we recommend a machine with high applicability-ZY-206I-C Full-automatic invisible zipper bottom stop machine.

This machine is very popular with customers and has a good reputation. Next, I will introduce the features of the machine.

First,adopting sophisticated ultrasonic system and unique positioning method,this machine enhances the effect and physical performance of bottom stop welding.

Second,under the same size,can use both in invisible and nylon zippers.

Third,fully automated, with an average output of 2500pcs/18cm/H, which greatly saves labor costs and improves production efficiency.

Last,this machine is characterized by tooth welding, and there is no need to purchase another bottom stop wire,which can save the cost,and the teeth welding effect is good.

The following is a comparison picture,it can be seen that the zipper teeth welding force produced by Zhengyu's machine is better than that of other machines.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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