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The Background of Zhenyu Factory

The Background of Zhenyu Factory


The factory can reflect the strength and scale, so that customers can better understand the company's profile. Zhenyu has its own factory building, the factory building is clean, and the transportation is convenient.

It has a modern factory building of 20000 square meters, a spacious place, strong strength and complete equipment. It has a production department, a sales department, a technology department, a quality inspection department and other departments. It has the comprehensive ability to independently develop, design, and comprehensively manage production and operation. It can provide products or services for 500-1000 enterprises at the same time, and ensure the quality while ensuring timely delivery.

Zhenyu is constantly committed to the reform, innovation and sustainable development of the enterprise, shaping and cultivating the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Zhenyu's independent brand "ZY" brand has been recognized in the zipper machinery industry for its quality. Hope to bring better products to customers in the future.

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