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Zhenyu provides guaranteed customer service for users

Zhenyu provides guaranteed customer service for users


After -sales service plays a great role in promoting the development of enterprises. Providing after-sales protection for customers is an important part of improving the core competitiveness of our products, and protects the interests of customers to the maximum extent. Do a good job in after-sales service, so that the products can better meet the use requirements of customers.

For domestic customers:

We provide free door -to -door services for users, operation guidance, and technical support to ensure that users' production orders are completed smoothly.

For foreign customers:

1.Provide video technical support for users.

2.Provide spare parts support to ensure the timeliness of parts supply.

Customer satisfaction is the purpose of our service.Zhenyu tries its best to meet customer needs.

We are most concerned about providing customers with high -quality after -sales service.Welcome to inquiry.

                                                                                                                                                                     (Spare parts support)

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