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Performance characteristics of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-03-19

The zipper machinery is currently the most used machine in the zipper production industry. It can realize large-scale and automated production for small and medium-sized enterprises, and ensure the quality and output of zippers. What are the performance characteristics of zipper machinery? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

1. The compact and concise mechanical structure of the zipper machine improves the complex and cumbersome structure in the past, which is not only easy for novices to operate, but also has strong maneuverability and long service life.

2. The zipper machinery ensures stable production while reducing the noise by 20 decibels. In addition, it is equipped with a high-speed structure device, which greatly improves its production efficiency and output.

3. The zipper machinery has a high degree of automation and intelligence. It can not only stop automatically when a fault occurs, but also display it intelligently, which can not only avoid the waste of raw materials, but also quickly help the maintenance personnel to troubleshoot the fault, which improves the overall production efficiency. .

4. The combination of high-quality molds and precise Y-tooth wire, and then equipped with a top-stop machine for work, not only makes the Y-tooth zipper produced by zipper machinery beautiful in shape and neatly arranged, but also ensures the same batch of zipper products. The homogenization of the model, that is, the model can get a unified standard.

5. The zipper machine is strictly manufactured and equipped with upper and lower parts. Its ejector mechanism can push the forging out of the die cavity in time, reduce the contact time between the forging and the die cavity, and prolong the life of the die. It also facilitates the operator to pick up the forging, reducing its labor intensity.

The performance characteristics of zipper machinery are far more than these, and I believe users will find them one by one in use. Due to the extensive use of zipper machinery, enterprises will pay more attention to improving their technical content in the future development, and continue to develop new equipment and new molds to ensure that the zipper products produced by zipper machinery are more beautiful, durable and complete in models.

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