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LGS framing structure is extremely convenient for the structure construction of various complexities of one to two stories residential, whether it’s for single family, or for multi-family.

The PinnacleLGS systems integrate design software, manufacturing software and roll formers to produce accurate steel frame components for almost any type of such residential development. From economic housing to luxury villas, PinnacleLGS systems will make it happen for you!

For residential LGS construction, our systems provide the following:

1. Produces all framing components from your architectural designs with 100% accuracy.

2. All profile components can be easily assembled by unskilled labor force.

3. Fully automated design to production system.

4. Fast, consistent and high-quality output from your factory.

5. Totally non combustible materials can be used for your entire construction.

6. 100% green construction can be possible.

7. Minimum 50% faster, 20% less cost, and 100% better quality than other building solutions

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