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ZYZM Service Office In Istanbul

ZYZM Service Office In Istanbul


Great News! 

ZYZM has being set up a service office In Istanbul starting from May 1st, 2018. 

Our technical engineer Mr Chen, who works in a veteran team in zyzm for many years, will be dispatched to Instanbul end of Apr. 

Any client who needs urgent machine spare parts pls contact us right now!   And your parts will be found in instanbul in May 1st. 

It is been a year till the thought of estiblishing a service office in Instanbul city landing. It will benifits all our clients there: 

1, Prompt after sales services provided for all our machines.

2, Technical consultation services.

3, Spare parts / easy failure parts will be provided in the office, more save time and delivery cost. 

Contact us right now for service arrangment by:

 Rachel:  rachel@zyzm.com , phone/whatsapp:0086-188-2002-3218

or Tammy: tammy@zyzm.com, phone/whatsapp: 0086-136-3224-9532

Thanks for your kind attention. 

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