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The reason and treatment of zipper machine with material

by:ZYZM     2022-01-14

u200b The zipper machine is a common conveying equipment in the cement industry. For the zipper machine, there are single-point feeding and single-point discharging; there are also multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging. Multi-point unloading is often accompanied by material carrying problems, such as cement storage. Due to the different types of cement and different storage locations in each warehouse, material carrying not only affects the quality of cement, but also has the danger of overflowing the warehouse. Let’s talk about the reasons for carrying materials and how to deal with them. .

First, the reason for the material. In fact, the reason for carrying the material is very simple, that is, the material stagnant on the track and the upper part of the chain is transported to the halfway or the end point with the movement of the chain and scattered. With the extension of time, the material scattered on the way may fall into other In the warehouse, it will cause mixing of warehouses and affect the quality of cement. The same is true for the materials pulled to the tail. If the warehouse is full, it may cause the shell to explode, and at the same time, the resistance of the zipper machine will increase, which will also lead to waste of energy consumption.

Second, the method of handling the material. The feeding form of the zipper machine is divided into side feeding and upper feeding. The upper part is fed, and the material falling on the chain and rail will be taken away, and the carried material will be scattered halfway, and will also be brought to the tail of the machine. The treatment method is to change to side feeding or double side feeding to avoid the material falling on the track and chain. If the upper part of the material must be fed, the upper rail can be cut 500mm away from the feeding port. The end is folded down at about 30 degrees to avoid the impact of the chain and the rail, so that the chain will vibrate here and force the material to fall.

Cut off the rail at the discharge opening. When the chain pulls the material to the discharge port, most of the material falls into the warehouse, but there are still some materials stagnant on the track and chain, if not processed, it will be pulled to the back. At this time, the rail at the feeding port can be cut by 200mm, forcing the chain to shake there, so that the material on the rail loses its support and falls completely. At the same time, because there is no rail here, the chain must vibrate here. , the material on the chain will be scattered.

Lengthen and widen the discharge slot. If the width of the discharge chute is smaller than the width of the casing, the steps generated by it must aggregate materials, and when the chain travels, the material will be brought to the back, resulting in mixing; Even if the track is cut off, the vibration will be small, so that the material carrying chain will continue to move forward.

There is no step left at the final discharge end. For some zipper machines, due to the inconsistency with the process, the final discharge point is still a certain distance from the machine head, and a small amount of material is often brought to the machine head; although some unloading ports are located at the lower part of the machine head, the opening of the lower shell is not opened at the chain wheel. The outside of the turning radius also causes aggregates at the steps. Therefore, the opening position and size of the unloading slide are also critical and must be paid attention to.

Ensure the negative pressure of the chassis. Ensuring the negative pressure inside the machine seems to be an environmental protection problem, but it is actually closely related to the problem of material feeding. If there is a certain negative pressure in the casing, the dust will not easily fall on the chain or rail, and the material feeding problem will be alleviated to a certain extent.

The belt material of the zipper machine, although the problem is small, is very harmful. It not only involves the quality, but also the wear and tear of the parts, and also increases the power consumption, which is of no benefit. I have encountered FU410*40000 The zipper machine is because of the discomfort of the head and tail discharge ports, which causes the aggregate and the resistance to increase greatly, which affects the transmission and breaks the feet of the reducer. warehouse, so it should be paid enough attention.

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