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IP EXPO 2013

IP EXPO 2013


IP EXPO is the UK’s Number ONE Enterprise IT event, is organized by Imago Techmedia, and has the widespread influence in the whole of Europe. The UK station is UK's fastest growing end to end network and system equipment activities. 

With the rapid development and sustainable growth in recent years, the number of participants every year to maintain steady growth of 30% since 2008. In year 2011, 11,980 people participated in this activity. This event now becomes the UK's largest ICT activity, covers from IP Networks, Virtualization, Cloud computing, Wireless, Storage to Security.

Exhibitors mainly come from the IT industry or related industry. According to statistics, there are more than 11000 people from the IT, commercial, VoIP activity and online publishers, are concerned about and look for their interest in products and services. And most of them are company's IT director, project director, senior network managers, the advanced virtual expert and so on. Medias also pay highly attention to IP EXPO. 

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