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Research on New Design of Zipper Machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-03-24

The zipper mirror polishing machine adopts a 24-wheel special polishing tool, which can make the surface of the zipper extremely delicate and smooth. This mirror polishing machine greatly improves the quality level of the zipper products. A zipper consists of a fastener with a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth on each of the two straps, which is used to connect the edges of the opening (such as clothes or pockets), and a slider can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening. A chain attached to something (as an object to be lifted or dropped) to tighten, stabilize or guide it. The function of the hydraulic transmission system of the zipper machine is to provide power for the injection molding machine according to various actions required by the process, and to meet the pressure, speed, temperature, etc. required by each part of the injection molding machine. It is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, among which the oil pump and the motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control oil pressure and flow to meet the requirements of the injection molding process. The zipper machine has a new manipulator tow-type cutting, which completely solves the problem that the old cutting machine cannot cut the special large pull tab or the long pull tab has a zipper. Adjustable specification function, suitable for multi-specification and multi-model chain sharing. This article is from City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting:

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