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Reasons for the disconnection of the zipper mechanical chain

by:ZYZM     2022-03-24

First, the uneven movement of the chain: the chain has a certain sag in the transmission, and when the chain link is separated from the sprocket, it moves at an uneven speed, accompanied by changes in direction and size. When the speed of the chain link is higher than that of the chain link in front of the chain link when it is separated from the sprocket, because the opening of the hanging shaft slot is relatively close, the hanging shaft will jump out of the hanging shaft groove. 2. The chain is too loose: when the chain is too loose, the chain sag between the sprocket and the idler, between the idler and the idler is too large, and the chain swings up and down when the chain moves. Jump out of the shaft slot. 3. Swing caused by the interference between the chain groove and the chain: Because the concrete of the chain groove is partially peeled off, sometimes it interferes with the chain link, so that the running resistance changes greatly, which aggravates the shaking of the chain and causes disconnection. When the resistance is too large, after the mechanical zipper stops, the driving wheel will reverse a small amount. At this time, the chain link behind is long and the sag is large and cannot be carried, which is also easy to cause disconnection. 4. Improper operation: When the follow-up equipment of the zipper machine is stopped, the zipper machine is not stopped in time, causing the discharge port to be blocked, and the material between the sprocket and the chain link will change the meshing, and the chain will be loose and tight, so that the chain Disconnection becomes possible. This article is from City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting:

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