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The zipper machine 'high-speed nylon zipper sewing machine' was born

by:ZYZM     2022-03-26

The zipper machine 'high-speed nylon zipper sewing machine' was born

The society is changing with each passing day. Keep up with the pace of society. There are also new types of machinery in machinery. With the continuous development of zipper technology, zipper machinery - high-speed nylon zipper zipper machine appears. There are also left-handed bolts in various high-strength projects. The editor here mainly wants to talk about the high-speed nylon zipper sewing machine.

High-speed nylon zipper sewing machine is independently developed by City Machinery Co., Ltd. This equipment makes up for various shortcomings of traditional low-speed machines, such as a large number of workers, high energy consumption, and high production efficiency. Low. In the past, the use of high-speed machines has always been dominated by 'Taiwan machinesThe machinery company said that it will continue to work hard to create greater glories.

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