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Basic principles of zipper mechanical parts design

by:ZYZM     2022-03-21

Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of zipper machinery and equipment. The company not only has the spirit of innovation and rich manufacturing experience, but also produces high-quality zipper machinery and high technology content. According to the actual application of the product, here we will tell you about the basic principles of zipper mechanical parts design. The first is the selection of materials for zipper machinery. In principle, for parts with different uses, materials that can give full play to the functions of the parts should be used for processing and manufacturing, which not only meets the economic requirements of zipper machinery, but also ensures the quality. . The second is to distinguish the characteristics of the materials used in the zipper machinery. In principle, the physical and chemical properties of various materials should be considered, such as static strength, fatigue strength, elastic deformation, high temperature strength, friction coefficient and other related factors . The third is the principle of zipper mechanical parts processing technology, that is, the structural technology of the part design conforms to all the current technological processes and various mechanical equipment that can meet the processing technology requirements. Because no matter how well-designed parts are, it is impossible to manufacture them without proper processing technology. If a part is not designed to fully utilize the processing technology level of all types of advanced equipment today, it will affect the quality and performance of the part itself. To correctly apply the design principles of zipper mechanical parts, designers are required to be able to basically master the distinction methods of various materials, the basic characteristics and application scope of materials, and be familiar with the performance, specifications and scope of various ordinary processing machine tools and CNC processing machine tools. Lay the foundation for designing the most cost-effective parts for zipper machinery.

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