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Zipper standard requirements for zipper machinery production

by:ZYZM     2022-03-20

What are the standards for a good metal zipper? Machinery As a professional manufacturer of zipper machinery, let's take you to understand the zipper standard requirements for zipper machinery production. 1. According to my country's zipper quality standards, it is required to be non-toxic, azo-free, nickel-free, formaldehyde-free, and requires a needle inspection. 2. The zipper produced by the zipper machinery must ensure that the teeth are arranged in an orderly manner, and there must be no missing or bad teeth. 3. If the color of the zipper is white, it is not only required that the product has a soft, smooth, flat, stiff and well-engaged feel, the surface of the zipper teeth should be smooth, and the hand feels smooth when pulling, and the zipper teeth are not allowed to appear black and yellow. Phenomenon. 4. The weight of the zipper produced by zipper machinery shall not be less than 40KG per 4000 yards, and the zipper tape shall not contain fluorescent agent. 5. According to national standards, the zipper produced by zipper machinery requires the flat pull strength of the zipper to be ≥340N; 6. The color difference of the chain belt in the same batch number should reach the third level specified in GB250. 7. The zipper tape should be dyed evenly, without stains, without scars and soft to the touch; in the vertical or horizontal direction, the tape should be slightly even or without waves; 8. Color fastness to rubbing: The color fastness of the zipper tape after the rubbing test conforms to the 3-4 level stipulated in GB251; the color fastness to washing: the color fastness of the chain belt after washing conforms to the 3-4 level stipulated in GB250. The standard requirements of zipper produced by zipper machinery are basically the above aspects. In addition, we need to know that a good zipper not only needs standards, but also zipper machinery as its production equipment, in terms of design, structure, performance , There are also strict requirements in terms of function. This article is from Zipper Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate when reprinting!

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