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Zipper machinery is widely used in various industries

by:ZYZM     2022-03-24

The zipper machinery is widely used in the sealing and lamination of flexible packaging bags in food bags, clothing bags, textile industrial products and other industries. In a stable state, a continuous overall flow is formed under the action of the conveyor chain. The zipper machine is mainly composed of the head section, the middle section, the optional section, the tail section, and the conveyor chain, the feeding port, the driving device and so on. Among them, there are two types of drive installations: left installation and right installation. The type of drive installation is selected according to the conveying volume and conveying length. There are three types of inlets: upper inlet, side inlet, both sides inlet, and outlet The mouth is the head discharge port, and the middle bottom discharge and the middle side discharge can also be used. The zipper machine is easy to operate, more stable and reliable in production, and has a number of newly developed patented technologies; the vertical electric box makes maintenance more convenient and safe; the coarse-toothed screw is more durable and reliable; ,Comprehensive production stability and durable and easy to maintain strengthened models, zipper machinery is not only a tool for you to make money, but also a good partner for you to save money. The above is the basic information of zipper machinery. This article is from City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting:

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