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Zipper machine manufacturers tell you the precautions for zipper use

by:ZYZM     2022-01-28

Please pay attention to the following issues when using the zipper:

1. Contrasting color zipper (the fabric is inconsistent with the zipper tape, such as white fabric with black or red zipper tape), you must pay attention to the color fastness when purchasing. It must be good, the zipper should be tested and confirmed before it is put into production;

2. Nylon zipper is used for PVC fabric or waterproof/ski fabric (light color), please note that the fabric will absorb the oil stains in the zipper and Causes stains on the fabric;

3. The cotton garment with metal zipper changes color after dyeing. Discoloration is caused by the chemical reaction of the mouthpiece, the split piece, the slider and the top stop after acid/alkaline dyeing.

4. White-plated nickel-free and rack-plated white-plated nickel-free sliders are easy to change color (such as yellowing, black, etc.) on white cotton materials (such as wool products), mainly due to bleaching and dyeing. It was not cleaned properly and reacted with chemical residues.

5. 8#, 10# resin, metal puller or larger volume puller, round puller is not good for needle detection. On the one hand, it is due to its large size, and on the other hand, the circular pull tab will generate a magnetic field when testing the needle, thereby affecting the effect of the needle detection test.

6. Discoloration

The microphones of the metal zipper turn black and the discolored microphones will pollute the clothing. Once the copper alloy is oxidized, it will turn black... Do not seal the packaging bag, keep it Its air permeability, be careful not to be full of moisture (use moisture-proof paper, moisture-proof agent, the effect will be better).

7. Migrating

The dyes on the zipper may react with plasticizers, adhesives, oils and other components in polyethylene, synthetic leather, resin coatings of fabrics, etc., resulting in migration. phenomenon, use paper to separate the finished products, and pay attention to the state of preservation.

8. Migration

Due to the use of dyed brown zippers or black zippers, contamination may occur at the contact parts of the clothing and zippers. During the dyeing process of clothing, the remaining acidic substances or oxidants react chemically, which may cause contamination of the contact area between the zipper and the clothing. Please use fully washed fabrics and materials.

9. Washing and processing

1) After washing and processing, the zipper teeth will be discolored or the chemicals that corrode the washing and processing will weaken the slider. When washing, it is best to use a spring-loaded zipper with strong washing-resistant processing. In order to prevent the acid remaining in the washing process, please wash it thoroughly to a neutral state. With different processing types or types of medicines, the fabric will weaken, so be sure to do experiments before washing and processing.

2) After washing and processing, the self-locking slider is damaged. The zipper is washed in an open state, and debris will enter the slider, making it easy to break, so please wash it with the zipper closed.

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