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The solution to the mechanical failure of the zipper

by:ZYZM     2022-03-23

Every kind of machinery will have different failures. The law of zipper mechanical failures changing with time is called the failure law of zipper machinery. There are also several stages of zipper mechanical failure.

The first stage is the early failure period, that is, the early failure due to design, manufacturing, storage, transportation, installation and other reasons. Its failure rate is high, but it is easier to eliminate;

The second stage is the normal operation period, also known as the random failure period. After the machine is run-in and adjusted, the failure rate gradually decreases and becomes stable. There are only sudden failures in this stage, and the failure rate is generally small. This stage characterizes the effective life of the zipper machine;

The third stage is the wear and tear period, and the failure rate increases due to the wear, corrosion, fatigue and other reasons of the parts. Components, strong maintenance, can extend the service life.

However, the general overhaul cost may be higher, and the mechanical performance of the zipper after overhaul is often not as good as that of the new machine. If the car runs a certain mileage or reaches a certain age, it must be scrapped forcibly, otherwise the maintenance cost will increase due to frequent failures, and even major accidents may be caused due to the deterioration of parts.

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