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Zipper mechanical failure solution! The effect is really good!

by:ZYZM     2022-01-23
Zipper machinery is widely used in the sealing and lamination of flexible packaging bags in food bags, clothing bags, textile industrial products and other industries. It uses the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure of bulk materials to ensure the stable state between material layers, and is formed under the action of the conveyor chain. continuous overall flow. The zipper machine is mainly composed of the head section, the middle section, the optional section, the tail section, and the conveyor chain, the feeding port, the driving device and so on.

Each type of machinery will have different failures. The law of zipper mechanical failures changing over time is called the zipper mechanical failure law. There are also several stages of mechanical failure of the zipper.

First, the first stage is the early failure period, that is, the early failure caused by design, manufacturing, storage, transportation, installation and other reasons. High failure rate, but easy to eliminate.

The second stage is the normal operation period, also called the random failure period. After running-in and adjustment, the failure rate gradually decreased and became stable. There are only sudden failures at this stage, and the failure rate is generally small. This stage represents the useful life of the zipper machinery.

The third stage is the wear failure period, where failure rates increase due to wear, corrosion and fatigue of parts. At this time, repair the machine and replace the parts that have reached the service life, which can prolong the service life.

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