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Zipper Machinery Operating Regulations

by:ZYZM     2022-03-21

1. Inspection before opening the zipper machine 1. Whether the oil level of the reducer is normal. 2. Whether there are foreign objects in the shell, whether the cover plate, observation hole, etc. are closed. 3. Whether the transmission chain of the zipper machinery has lubricating oil and whether it is normal. 4. Whether the anchor bolts of the reducer, motor, bearing, etc. are loose or fall off. 5. Check whether the tail tensioner is normal. 2. Inspection and precautions during rotation 1. Whether the oil level of the reducer is normal. 2. Whether the motor, reducer and bearing vibrate, abnormal noise or heat. 3. Whether the motor, reducer, bearing and other anchor bolts are loose. 4. Whether the lubrication of the transmission chain is normal, and whether the chain plates and pins are normal. 5. Whether the conveyor chain has abnormal noise caused by friction, whether the conveyor sprocket is deformed, whether the conveyor chain plate is cracked, whether the pins fall off, and whether the conveyor chain deviates. 6. Whether the conveyed material volume is normal, and whether the material humidity is normal. 7. Whether the opening of the dust collection pipe baffle is appropriate, and whether the dust collector is blocked or leaked. 8. Whether the conveyor chain is too loose and whether the tensioning device is suitable. 9. Check whether the sealing of the casing of the zipper machine is in good condition, observe whether the door is closed, and whether the bolts of the casing are loose and fall off. 3. Inspection after stopping the zipper machine 1. Check whether the material is stored inside the zipper machine. 2. Check the wear and tear of the chain plate for cracks. 3. Check the wear of the gear block of the head gear. 4. Check the fastening, breaking and falling off of the zipper pin. 5. Check whether the guide rail is deformed and whether the wear is serious. This article is from City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting:

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