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How to Choose the Right Foot for Your Zipper Machine

by:ZYZM     2023-07-13


As a manufacturer who specializes in making zippers, choosing the right foot for your zipper machine is of utmost importance. This is because using the wrong foot can lead to poor stitching, breakage, and even loss of the zipper. In this article, we will share with you some essential tips on how to select the right foot for your zipper machine.

Understanding the Different Types of Zipper Feet

Before selecting a zipper foot, it is crucial to understand the different types available in the market. Below are some of the most common types of zipper feet:

1. Standard Zipper Foot

The standard zipper foot is the most common type of foot and is available in most zipper machines. It features a narrow profile that allows for easy stitching close to the zipper teeth on one side. On the other hand, it's ideal for stitching through thick fabric or multiple layers.

2. Invisible Zipper Foot

As its name suggests, this foot is used for attaching invisible zippers. It features a small groove that allows the blades of the invisible zipper to pass through smoothly while being stitched.

3. Double-Welting Foot

The double-welting foot is used for attaching a strip of fabric (welting) to the zipper. It is common in leather and upholstered furniture manufacturing.

4. Piping Foot

The piping foot is used for attaching edges of fabrics to piping. It is suitable for cushion, curtains, and other decor items. It features grooves on either side that enable the piping to pass through smoothly while being attached to the fabric.

5. Roller Foot

The roller foot is ideal for stitching over bulky layers of fabrications such as leather, vinyl, or fur. It features a roller that helps to move the material smoothly under the needle.

Tips for Choosing the Right Zipper Foot

Now that we have discussed the different types of zipper feet let us dive into some tips for choosing the right foot for your zipper machine.

1. Consider the Fabric Type

The type of fabric you are working on will determine the zipper foot you need. If you are stitching on lightweight fabrics such as silk or cotton, use a standard zipper foot. For heavier fabrics such as denim or twill, a roller foot is ideal.

2. Consider the Zipper Type

The type of zipper you are attaching will also determine the zipper foot you need. For example, if you are attaching an invisible zipper, use an invisible zipper foot. For standard zippers, use a standard zipper foot.

3. Check the Machine Compatibility

Not all zipper feet are compatible with all zipper machines. Before purchasing a zipper foot, ensure that it is compatible with your machine's make and model. You can check the machine's manual or contact the manufacturer for compatibility information.

4. Look at the Foot Shape

The shape of the foot is also an essential factor to consider. Choose a foot that has the right shape to go around the zipper pull and teeth without damaging the fabric.

5. Consider the Stitch Length

The stitch length also plays a role in choosing the right zipper foot. For example, an invisible zipper requires shorter stitches than a standard zipper. Ensure that the foot you choose allows for the stitch length required for the zipper you are attaching.

In conclusion, choosing the right foot for your zipper machine is essential for achieving a perfect stitch and ensuring the longevity of your zippers. Be sure to consider the fabric type, zipper type, machine compatibility, foot shape, and stitch length when selecting a zipper foot for your machine. With the right zipper foot, you can tackle any sewing project with ease.

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