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The importance of maintenance and maintenance of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-01-14

The importance of maintaining and maintaining zipper machinery cannot be ignored, because in daily use, if it is not maintained and maintained, over time, the equipment will wear parts, increase gaps, and loose fasteners and other phenomena, these will directly affect the original good performance of the zipper machinery.

In addition, if the importance of maintaining and maintaining the zipper machinery is ignored, the stability and reliability of the equipment will be greatly reduced. The original basic performance is lost, and it cannot operate normally. In this way, the equipment must be overhauled or replaced with new equipment, which undoubtedly increases the production cost of the enterprise.

Therefore, we must not only pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of zipper machinery, but also must establish a scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, increase the daily management of equipment, and combine theory with practice. , Scientifically and reasonably formulate equipment maintenance plans, special personnel are responsible for and implement various systems, regulations, plans, and do daily maintenance and maintenance work.

In the daily use process, the operator should always check the chain and various transmission parts of the zipper machinery. Personnel repairs, such as chain plate deformation, severe wear, chain loss, etc.

After using the zipper machine every day, the sundries on its working parts should be cleaned up in time. In addition, operators need to lubricate them regularly, and they need to check and tighten some transmission components, which is the basis for ensuring the stable operation of the zipper machinery and reducing the occurrence of failures. This is also the work that enterprises must do to improve work efficiency and reduce failures.

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