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The main factors affecting the mechanical wear of zipper

by:ZYZM     2022-01-17

There are many factors that affect the mechanical wear of zippers, the most important of which is the assembly and installation quality of zipper mechanical equipment.

The assembly quality of components has a great influence on wear, especially clearance adjustment. If the gap is too small, it is not easy to form an oil film, resulting in high friction heat, and in severe cases, the friction pair will be seized. When the clearance is too large, it is not easy to form an oil film, and the impact, vibration and noise will aggravate the wear. Another example is the improper clearance of the piston ring of the internal combustion engine, which will cause the piston to channel oil or the piston ring to strain the cylinder liner.

Similarly, if the components or machines of the zipper machinery and equipment are well assembled, if the installation is not correct, it will also cause shock, vibration, uneven load, machine eccentric wear, heat, noise, etc., resulting in premature wear of the zipper machine. For example, if the whole machine such as turbine unit and Roots blower is not leveled or the coaxiality error with the motor shaft is too large, the vibration and noise will be aggravated, the bearing oil film will be damaged, the temperature will rise, and the wear will be accelerated. In addition, the structure of the kinematic pair and the nature of the motion will also affect the worn parts and the degree of uniform wear. The unreasonable shape design of the parts will also increase the wear and tear and so on.

Only by understanding the influence of various factors on wear and taking corresponding measures can we effectively slow down the wear and prolong the service life of the zipper machine.

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