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The development of zipper equipment from the perspective of zipper

by:ZYZM     2022-03-25

There is no doubt that zipper is a sunrise industry with strong vitality in our country. This is not only because there is no product that can replace the function of the zipper until now, but also because the application scope of the zipper is constantly expanding. According to the analysis of professionals: First, the key development direction of my country's zipper industry is the research and development of new products and new technologies, giving products advanced nature and technical content; Enter the high-end market. As a production equipment specializing in the production of zippers, zipper machinery and equipment is a machinery industry that grows with the rapid development of zippers. The performance of zipper machinery and equipment directly affects the quality and quality of the zipper, as well as the output. In the future development of zipper machinery and equipment, it will pay more attention to the research and development of new equipment and new molds while ensuring product quality. The zipper machinery production enterprises carry out the production and development of zipper equipment according to the requirements of customers. This article comes from: City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate:

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