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Zipper is small but not simple things, Zhenyu zipper machinery manufacturer will tell you something more.

Can you name out below products which lack of zipper and it can be a complete perfect body ? 

Jacket, jeans, coats, shirts, women dress, woolen suites, bags, shoes, couch and bedding articles?

The answer is NO. Obviously, zipper pays a very important part in those industry and good zipper come from excellent zipper machinery.

As a professional factory ozipper machinery, Zhenyu has a complete rang of good zipper machine,  Like metal zipper machinery, nylon zipper machinery, plastic zipper machinery and invisable zipper machinery.They are widely used in appearl industry, bag & suicase industry, shoes & hats industry, funiture& packing industry etc.

With the modern large workshop, mature technology and strong strength of research and development, zhenyu has many independent innovation of products.The advantage of products are with 26 years of manufacturing experience,lots of products are of initial invention, and many products with advanced technology. All products are included steel material and bearings confirming to international standards, electrical appliances and pneumatic components are comfirming to international standards and PLC and PC automatic control

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