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What should I do if the mechanical chain of the zipper is disconnected?

by:ZYZM     2022-03-17

Everyone knows that zipper machinery is the production of various specifications and types of zipper equipment, so today I want to answer the question of what to do if the chain of the zipper machinery is out of line? I believe this is also a problem that many users have encountered. First of all, we need to understand what is the main reason for the disjointed chain of the zipper machinery. Here, the editor summarizes some data and summarizes four points. The first is the uneven movement of the chain in the production of zipper machinery. Since the chain has a certain sag in the transmission, when the chain link is separated from the sprocket, it is moving at an uneven speed, accompanied by changes in direction and size. When the speed of the chain link is higher than that of the chain link in front of the chain link when it is separated from the sprocket, because the opening of the hanging shaft slot is relatively close, the hanging shaft will jump out of the hanging shaft groove. Then the solution to this problem is to find a professional mechanic to correct the chain transmission route of the zipper machine. After correction and basic repairs, I believe this problem will be solved. The second reason is that the chain of the zipper machine becomes very loose after a long time of use, and when the chain is too loose, the chain sag between the sprocket and the idler, between the idler and the idler is too large, and the chain moves up and down when moving. Swing, because the hanging shaft is closer to the opening, the hanging shaft will jump out of its hanging shaft slot. Then the solution to this problem is simpler, the general mechanic can repair it, as long as the loose chain on the zipper machine is restored to the state of being attached to the transmission parts, so that the phenomenon of disjointness of the zipper mechanical chain will not be regenerate. The third reason is that the contact between the chain groove of the zipper machine and the chain causes the swing. Because the concrete of the chain groove partially falls off and sometimes contacts the chain link, the running resistance changes greatly, which aggravates the shaking of the chain on the zipper machine, causing out of touch. In addition, when the resistance is too large, after the mechanical zipper stops, the total driving wheel is reversed in a small amount. At this time, the chain link behind is long and the sag is large and cannot be carried, which is also easy to cause disjointness. Then the solution to this problem is to find a professional mechanic to carry out a major investigation on the zipper machine. If it is confirmed that it is caused by this point, it will be repaired accordingly. If the chain groove and chain used by the zipper machine are not Reasonable, it needs to be replaced according to the situation. The first three reasons are easy to solve, and it is easy to find out the reasons, so the fourth reason I want to talk about here is the chain disconnection caused by improper operation of the zipper machinery, because when the follow-up equipment of the zipper machinery stops, If the machine is not stopped in time, the discharge port will be blocked, and then the meshing will change after the material is clamped between the sprocket and the chain link. If the chain is loose and tight, the chain will be disjointed. As for the reason for the disjointness of the zipper mechanical chain in the fourth point, the solution is to improve the operation level of the operator, and then master a certain common sense of mechanical operation. Until it is no longer caused by improper operation. This article is organized by Zipper Machinery Co., Ltd. Please indicate when reprinting!

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