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What is the top and bottom stop of the zipper? What is the function of the top and bottom of the zipper? The manufacturer of the zipper stop machine will tell you

by:ZYZM     2022-01-30
u200bThe function of the upper and lower stops of the zipper is generally a specification designed to prevent the slider from falling off. There are a lot of zippers used in clothing. The zipper has top and bottom stops, so what is the function of this zipper for us?

The structure of the zipper: the front tape head (top stop tape lace) is also called top stop, slider, chain teeth (also called zipper teeth), cloth tape, back tape (bottom stop tape lace) also known as The bottom stop is called the bottom stop. The top stop is divided into iron (aluminum wire) and injection molding. The closed zipper is the top stop, the open zipper is the top stop, and the bottom stop is also called the left and right latches.

What role does the upper and lower stops in the zipper play for the zipper?

The zipper is divided into opening and closing, and the upper and lower ends are also different. The opening zipper is divided into left and right sides, and the lower end (left and right pins and sockets) needs to be used, so that the left and right sides can be closed and opened, and the upper end can be closed. It is to control the slider not to run to the cloth tape stuck, the closed bottom end is closed and cannot be separated, the upper end can be pulled back and forth to open and close, but the whole zipper cannot be separated, its top and bottom ends are beautiful, The second is to prevent the puller from pulling the cloth tape, and it is difficult to pull it when it is stuck.

Normally, the open-end zipper must be up and down, but the closed zipper does not have to be up and down. It depends on the customer's requirements and design. For example, the pocket zipper of clothing may not need to be up and down. As far as the zipper at the top and bottom, we must make the zipper tape completely when the clothes are zippered in the car, that is, the car relies on the zipper teeth, or one or two teeth can be inserted in the car, so that when the clothes are zippered in the future, the There is no chance that the zipper pulls too far to the end of the fabric and gets stuck.

Aluminum wire for zipper top and bottom stop material.

This can be pressed into top, bottom, U-shaped codes by semi-automatic and fully automatic machines.

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