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What is the structure and principle of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-03-16

Zippers are very common in life, but few people understand the principle of zipper production equipment zipper machinery? There are different models of zipper machinery, and the zippers produced by different models are also different, but the zippers produced by ordinary zipper machinery are generally the same size. The mechanical shape of the zipper is full of changes. The zipper machine can also be used as insurance. The working principle of the zipper machine is very simple, as long as the work is carried out according to the instructions.

The two fastener tapes of the matching zipper equipment products can be pulled together at will by the action of the slider. When the element feet on the two element belts are limited by the shape of the slider, they mesh with each other regularly. When the zipper is pulled to the top, the zipper will not fall off the chain belt. When the slider pulls the two sides of the body column, the splitting angle formed by the two sides of the body column separates the tooth front and the tooth valley one by one. Separate the two fastener tapes. However, if you want to produce a good zipper, then you need a good zipper machine.

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