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What about CFR/CNF of plastic zipper machine ?
The CFR provided by Zhenyu Zipper Machines Co.,Ltd is more favorable than other companies. We are responsible for arranging the transportation of the plastic zipper machine to the port of destination and providing customers with basic documents for obtaining products from suppliers. By working with the most reliable freight forwarders and deciding on the best way to transport, we can save you as much as possible.
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ZYZM Zip Making Machine is one of the world's leading small zipper machinery producers. ZYZM Zip Making Machine focuses on providing a variety of zipper cutting machine for customers. The whole production process of ZYZM nylon zipper machine is well-controlled and efficient. This product will keep the room look better. A clean and tidy home will make both the owners and visitors feel at ease and pleasant.
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ZYZM survives with quality, seek for development with technology. Call!

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