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The zipper standard requirements of zipper machinery production originally have these

by:ZYZM     2022-01-22

The products of zipper machinery have strong performance indicators, which can determine the scope of use and durability of the zipper. In the zipper standards of various countries, there are clear regulations on the strength, which is also the basis for testing the quality of the zipper. The zipper standard requirements for zipper machinery production originally have these.

1. According to my country's zipper quality standards, it is required to be non-toxic, azo-free, nickel-free, formaldehyde-free, and requires needle inspection.

2. The zipper produced by the zipper machinery should ensure that the elements are arranged neatly, and there must be no missing or bad teeth.

3. If the color of the zipper is white, it is not only required that the product feel soft, smooth, flat, stiff and well meshed, but the surface of the zipper teeth should be smooth and soft to the touch when pulled. Smooth, and the zipper teeth are not allowed to appear black and yellow.

4. The weight of the zipper produced by zipper machinery shall not be less than 40KG per 4000 yards, and the zipper tape shall not contain fluorescent agent.

5. According to the national standard, the zipper produced by zipper machinery requires the zipper's flat pull strength ≥340N; the smoothness of the zipper ≤5N.

6. The color difference of the chain belt in the same batch number should reach the third grade specified in GB250.

7. The zipper tape should be dyed evenly, without stains, scratches, and soft to the touch; in the vertical or horizontal direction, the tape should be slightly even or without waves; The cloth is fastened to the cloth belt, and it is not easy to break and fall off.

8. Color fastness to rubbing: the color fastness of the zipper tape after the rubbing test meets the requirements of GB251 level 3-4; color fastness to washing: the chain tape is washed Color fastness conforms to grade 3-4 specified in GB250.

The above are the zipper standard requirements for zipper machinery production, I hope to help you. All kinds of zipper products produced by zipper machinery have penetrated into every corner of our life, directly or indirectly, we can see the impact of zipper machinery on our life, although we do not directly touch it, but it is in our life. played an important role. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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