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The real reason why zipper machinery fails

by:ZYZM     2022-01-24

The zipper machine is the name of a kind of equipment for processing zippers. The working principle of the zipper machine is equivalent to injecting the plasticized molten state (ie viscous flow state) plastic into the The process of obtaining plastic products after curing and shaping in a closed mold cavity.

Generally speaking, zipper machinery rarely fails, so when it fails, it is necessary to understand the real cause of the failure of the zipper machinery, which is helpful for quick troubleshooting , and secondly, it can prevent the recurrence of such failures, which has important practical significance.

There are many reasons for the failure of zipper machinery, which are roughly as follows:

1. The design and manufacturing defects of zipper machinery itself, as well as the manufacture of zipper machinery Defects in the material of the parts used, internal residual stress, human error (improper inspection, installation and use), etc., all easily lead to the failure of the zipper machinery in production.

2. The zipper machinery fails due to harsh production environment, such as dust, temperature, humidity, medium corrosion, vibration, stress state and other influencing factors, which are not conducive to production.

3. The zipper machinery has been used for a long time due to the aging and failure of the equipment, or the maintenance of the zipper has not been done properly, resulting in premature aging of the machinery and affecting the use.

These three points are the common reasons for the failure of zipper machinery. Since the failure is very unfavorable for maintenance and post-production, it is very technical and necessary to find out the reason for the failure of the zipper machinery. And knowing this point can also prevent the failure of the zipper machinery, eliminating the hidden danger of failure from the root is very important to prolong the service life of the equipment.

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