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Q: How to make the zipper bag making machine more energy efficient?

by:ZYZM     2022-01-18

fu type chain conveyor, also known as FU zipper machine, is produced by advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a new product for horizontal conveying of powder, granular and small block materials. Due to our design of this type of product Reasonable, novel structure, long service life, its performance is obviously better than screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor and other conveying equipment, so the product is very popular among users.

The equipment is favored by enterprises because of its good applicability and wide range, but its higher output power has become a factor that manufacturers must consider.

We must first improve the status quo of the industry. Intelligent production equipment means that the mechanical equipment has an intelligent system, which has the functions of perception, analysis, decision planning and control of the outside world. Automatic operation, increase power, and make the device have the function of early measure detection.

The production process of the zipper bag making machine is to first add the dry polyethylene particles to the lower hopper, and then the particles enter the screw from the hopper by their own weight. When the screw touches the oblique edge of the thread, the rotating oblique corrugation faces the plastic A straight thrust occurs with the oblique corrugated face, pushing the particles forward. During the pushing process, the plastic is melted due to the conflict between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, and the collision between the particles, as well as the external heating of the barrel. The molten plastic is filtered by the machine head to remove impurities and comes out of the mold. After cooling, inflation, etc., the product film is rolled into a tube.

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