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It doesn't matter if you don't know about the automatic zipper threading machine, it's not too late to know

by:ZYZM     2022-01-29

The automatic zipper threading machine is currently the most used machine in the zipper production industry. It can realize large-scale and automated production for small and medium-sized enterprises, and ensure the quality and output of zippers. What are the performance characteristics of the automatic zipper threading machine? It doesn't matter if you don't know the automatic zipper threading machine, it is not too late to understand it now.

1. The injection system of the automatic zipper threading machine

The function of the injection system: the injection system is the most important part of the injection molding machine. One of the main components, there are generally three main forms: plunger type, screw type, and screw pre-plastic plunger injection type. The most widely used is the screw type. Its function is that in a cycle of the injection molding machine, after a certain amount of plastic can be heated and plasticized within a specified time, the molten plastic can be injected into the mold cavity through a screw under a certain pressure and speed.

After the injection is over, the molten material injected into the cavity is kept in shape. Composition of the injection system: The injection system consists of a plasticizing device and a power transmission device.

2. The clamping system of the automatic zipper threading machine

The function of the clamping system: the function of the clamping system The function is to ensure that the mold is closed, opened and ejected. At the same time, after the mold is closed, sufficient clamping force is provided to the mold to resist the cavity pressure generated by the molten plastic entering the mold cavity, so as to prevent the mold from opening and causing the bad status of the product. The composition of the clamping system: the clamping system is mainly composed of a clamping device, a mold adjustment mechanism, an ejection mechanism, an upper and lower fixed template, a moving template, a clamping cylinder and a safety protection mechanism.

3. The hydraulic system of the automatic zipper threading machine

The function of the hydraulic transmission system is to realize the injection molding machine according to the process The various actions required by the process provide power and meet the requirements of pressure, speed, temperature, etc. required by each part of the injection molding machine. It is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, among which the oil pump and the motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control oil pressure and flow to meet the requirements of the injection molding process.

4. Heating and cooling system of automatic zipper threading machine

The heating system is used to heat the barrel and injection For the nozzle, the barrel of the injection molding machine generally uses an electric heating ring as a heating device, which is installed outside the barrel and is detected by thermocouples in sections. Heat conduction through the cylinder wall provides heat source for material plasticization; the cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature. Too high oil temperature will cause various failures, so the oil temperature must be controlled. Another location that needs to be cooled is near the feeding port of the feeding tube to prevent the raw material from melting at the feeding port, causing the raw material to not be fed normally.

The above is some basic knowledge of automatic zipper threading machine, I hope it will help you. In addition, the automatic zipper pulling machine is strictly manufactured and equipped with upper and lower parts. Its ejector mechanism can push the forging out of the die cavity in time, reduce the contact time between the forging and the die cavity, and prolong the life of the die. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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