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Integrate data to summarize the reasons for chain disconnection of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-01-17

The zipper machine is widely used in the sealing and lamination of flexible packaging bags in food bags, garment bags, textile industrial products and other industries. The use of bulk materials has the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure to ensure the stable state between material layers. Under the action, a continuous overall flow is formed. Integrate data to summarize the reasons for chain disconnection of zipper machinery.

First of all, we need to understand the main reasons for the disjointed chain of the zipper machinery. Here, the editor summarizes some data and summarizes four points.

The first one is the uneven movement of the chain in the production of zipper machinery. Since the chain has a certain sag in the transmission, when the chain link is separated from the sprocket, Uneven velocity motion, accompanied by changes in direction and magnitude. When the speed of the chain link is higher than that of the chain link in front of the chain link when it is separated from the sprocket, because the opening of the hanging shaft slot is relatively close, the hanging shaft will jump out of the hanging shaft groove.

Then the solution to this problem is to find a professional mechanic to correct the chain transmission route of the zipper machine. After correction and basic repairs, I believe this problem will be solved. will be resolved.

The second reason is that the chain of the zipper machine becomes very loose after a long time of use, and when the chain is too loose, the sprocket and idler, idler and The sag of the chain between the rollers is too large, and the chain swings up and down when moving. Since the hanging shaft is close to the opening, the hanging shaft will jump out of its hanging shaft groove.

Then the solution to this problem is simpler, the general mechanic can repair it, as long as the loose chain on the zipper machine is restored to fit the transmission parts. The state is sufficient, so that the phenomenon of disjointness of the mechanical chain of the zipper will not occur again.

The third reason is that the contact between the chain groove of the zipper machine and the chain causes the swing. Because the concrete of the chain groove partially falls off, it sometimes contacts with the chain link, which makes the running resistance. The change is large, which aggravates the shaking of the chain on the zipper mechanism, causing disjointness.

In addition, when the resistance is too large, the driving wheel will reverse a small amount after the mechanical zipper stops. It's too big to carry, which can easily lead to disconnection.

Then the solution to this problem is to find a professional mechanic to conduct a major investigation on the zipper machinery, and confirm that it is caused by this point, then it will be corresponding Make repairs. If the chain grooves and chains used by the zipper machinery are unreasonable, they need to be replaced as appropriate.

The first three reasons are relatively easy to solve, and it is easy to find out the reasons, so the fourth reason I want to talk about here is caused by improper operation of the zipper machinery The chain is disconnected, because when the follow-up equipment of the zipper machine is shut down, if the machine is not stopped in time, the discharge port will be blocked, and then the meshing will change after the material is clamped between the sprocket and the chain link. When loose and tight, the chain will be disjointed.

For the fourth point that causes the mechanical chain of the zipper to be disjointed, its solution is to improve the operating level of the operator, and then master a certain common sense of mechanical operation, then after doing so , I believe that the disconnection of the mechanical chain of the zipper will be greatly improved until it is no longer caused by improper operation.

The above is the reason for the disconnection of the chain of the zipper machinery, I hope it will help you. In addition, the zipper machinery is easy to operate, the production is more stable and reliable, and it has a number of newly developed patented technologies; the vertical electric box is more convenient and safe to maintain; the coarse-toothed screw is more durable and reliable. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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