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Institutional knowledge of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-03-24

Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of zipper machinery and equipment. The company not only has the spirit of innovation and rich manufacturing experience, but also produces high-quality zipper machinery and high technology content. According to the actual application of the product, here we will tell you about the institutional knowledge of zipper machinery.

The upper ejector mechanism of the zipper machine is installed in the slider, which is used to eject the die forging from the upper die cavity. The top piece mechanism of the wedge zipper machine, the top piece beam 3 of the mechanism is placed around me. A number of poles are placed under the beam. When the slider returns, the piston rod 8 of the left balance cylinder passes through the joint, and the lever 2 is pulled to rotate, and the top beam of the lower top part pushes out the workpiece.

Because the beam of the top piece has been subjected to the force of the lever, the mechanism of the zipper machine starts to lift the piece as soon as the slider returns. Two spring buffers are installed on both sides of the fuselage. When the slider goes down, the buffers lift the top beam to reset the mechanism.

Die forging zipper machines are equipped with upper and lower parts. The ejector mechanism can push the forging out of the die cavity in time, reduce the contact time between the forging and the die cavity, and prolong the life of the die. It also facilitates the operator to grip the forging, reducing its labor intensity.

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