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How to make a zipper head machine

by:ZYZM     2022-01-29
u200b The support structure includes a base, a column and a panel. The base is a steel plate with a horizontal upper surface. The column is formed by splicing a vertically arranged steel bar and a horizontally arranged steel bar. One end of the steel bar is fixed on the base, the other end is connected with the horizontally arranged steel bar, and the other end of the horizontally arranged steel bar is connected with the panel, and the panel is arranged vertically;

p> The rope-piercing structure includes an air cylinder, a probe, a thimble and a wire insertion module, the air cylinder is vertically fixed on the panel, the telescopic end of the air cylinder is located at the lower end, and the telescopic end of the air cylinder is in phase with the probe connected, one end of the thimble is inserted into the probe;

The plug-in module is fixed on the base, and a straight groove is formed on the upper surface of the plug-in module, and the straight groove is The width of the groove is slightly larger than the width of the insertion line, a circular hole is opened in the middle of the straight groove, the axis of the circular hole and the thimble are on the same vertical line, and there is a zipper head concave on the periphery of the circular hole. A zipper puller with a through hole is placed in the zipper puller groove.

Further, the cylinder and the panel are connected by a lock.

Further, the lock catch has two upper lock catches and lower lock catches, respectively, and the upper lock catch and the lower lock catch are respectively fixed on the upper end and the lower end of the cylinder.

Further, the probe is provided with a fastening screw.

Further, the bottom of the plug-in module is connected with a pillar, and the other end of the pillar is fixed on the base.

Further, a sliding block is arranged between the pillar and the base, the pillar is connected with the sliding block, and the sliding block is embedded on the base. Further, the horizontally arranged steel bars and the vertically arranged steel bars have an integrated structure.

Beneficial effects: due to the adoption of the above technical solutions, the zipper head threading machine of the utility model can quickly complete the threading action of the zipper head, which greatly improves the threading efficiency.

The zipper pulling machine of the present utility model uses cylinder expansion and contraction instead of manual insertion, which saves labor and reduces production costs.

The zipper head threading machine of the utility model can replace different thimbles and plug-in modules according to zipper heads of different shapes and sizes, and has wide applicability.

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