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How long it will take for ODM processing?
The processing is quick; however, idea exchange, quality control, etc. may take a certain period. Before the processing begins, we will notify you of the total cost for design, prototyping and estimated cost per zipper making machine . This may take time to finalize it. In the processing, we maintain stringent quality standards and ensures the products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production.
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Zhenyu Zipper Machines Co.,Ltd is an expert in manufacturing metal zipper ironing and lacquering machine. The constant search for innovation, following the latest technologies, has brought us to one of the top companies in this industry. The zipper marking machine series is widely praised by customers. The design of zipper slider mounting and cutting machine contributes to the uniqueness of nylon zipper machine in the market. The product has a low self-discharge rate. It can retain the stored energy best and can be kept in storage for several years.
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ZY Zipper Machine sticks to the concept that no development, no progress. Check now!

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