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Easy way to repair zipper

by:ZYZM     2022-03-26

The problem of zipper damage is often encountered in daily life. The following is a simple repair method for a broken zipper: If the zipper lock is broken, you can only replace the zipper lock. If it's not broken, follow the steps below: 1. First remove the big tooth on the top of the zipper with pliers, both sides must be removed 2. Then pull the lock of the zipper to the top 3. Then combine the teeth on both sides to 4. Put the zipper lock head in again (it is difficult, because the diameter of the metal zipper is relatively thick. If you really can't fit in, cut a small hole on the diameter line. Remember, don't cut it in the place where the big teeth are installed, it should be Cut at the top, otherwise the big teeth will not be installed) 5. After the zipper lock head is put in, everything is OK if the big teeth are installed, or another method: 1. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if you pull the chain head hard , will produce dentine occlusal failure. At this time, apply paraffin or lubricating spray [FASTENERMATE] to the surface and inside of the gear, and then move the slider several times to slide easily. 2. The zipper on the bag with too many things, if the zipper is closed and closed, the force of the zipper is too large, which will make the teeth detach from the belt. This is more serious in terms of zipper failure. Bring the left and right teeth closer together to make it easier for the chain to pass through and close the zipper. It is best to take out part of the contents of the bag and not to fill it too much. 3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head bites the line segment or the fabric and the slider cannot be pulled. If the slider is forced to be pulled, the bite will be deeper and deeper. On the one hand, the slider should be reversed, and the other Untie the fabric. When fully bite in, do not pull the slider vigorously, but slowly reverse the slider. Also, when sewing zippers, do not leave hidden dangers. After the zipper is pulled, the problem is that the puller has been pulled for too long and the diameter has become larger. If you want to solve it temporarily, just use pliers to clamp the tail of the puller. Note that it is the tail, but Be careful not to use too much force or clip, if you want to solve it completely, you need to replace the slider. Zipper repair is actually quite simple. This article comes from: City Machinery Co., Ltd., please indicate:

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