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Does zipper machine have warranty period?
Zhenyu Zipper Machines Co.,Ltd needs you to be happy with your buy. Your satisfaction with all the order is our main concern. When You have some questions about your warranty policy, or you believe you need support, call our customer Support. We are here to assist you get the most out of the zipper machine.
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With its highly advanced equipment, ZYZM has been the leading position of zipper roll making machine market. ZYZM Zip Making Machine's polishing equipment series include multiple types. The design procedure of ZYZM plastic film sealing machine is strictly followed. This includes making the written statement, considering the possible mechanisms, transmitted forces, material selection, and dimensions of the machine elements. The product has reliable performance in even the most demanding applications.
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Our goal is to design and produce the most professional, safest, most advanced and environmentally friendly products. We will attach more importance to R&D in the future to increase our innovative level and creativity.

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