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Can we arrange the zipper machine shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
You can arrange your agent to deliver zipper machine. Zhenyu Zipper Machines Co.,Ltd has cooperated with reliable agents to deliver the goods for a long time which ensures the safe transportation of goods. So we suggest we deliver them instead. If you assign your agent to deliver the product, and you will be responsible for the safety of goods and transportation risks.
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ZYZM has grown rapidly to be a famous nylon zipper machine supplier. ZYZM Zip Making Machine's nylon zipper machine series include multiple types. During the design stage of ZYZM china zipper machine, many design principles have been considered by the designers, including anti-fatigue performance, structure reliability, loading performance, components performance, and other mechanical properties. Our customers think highly of this product which is of great feature.
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Our goal is to head ahead of the market competitors. Currently, we will invest more in introducing advanced and high-tech manufacturing facilities which can help improve product quality.

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