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Automation Sharing Issue 1 - Automatic Zipper Threading Machine

by:ZYZM     2022-01-16
u200bBefore the improvement, you need to manually cut the zipper tape to a suitable length, and then manually thread the zipper. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to manually assemble the zipper tape and zipper. It takes a long time for ordinary employees to complete the operation, and skilled workers are required to complete the operation quickly. At the same time, because the sewing process requires a lot of zipper tapes every day, 4-5 manual workers work non-stop every day to meet the production demand. Due to the continuous bending work for a long time, the employees have back pain.

After using the automatic zipper threading machine, the employee only needs to thread the zipper tape roll head into the automatic zipper threading machine, without manual management, automatic continuous production, saving 3 people; the zipper threading machine integrates cutting, Threading is integrated, and single-piece flow production is implemented, which is efficient and fast, avoiding the drawbacks of manual cutting and threading batch operations. After the improvement, the automatic zipper threading machine is used as shown in Figure 2.

Highlights of zipper machine:

1. High production efficiency. Single-piece flow continuous production can meet the production needs of the factory.

2. Simple operation. The staff is only responsible for loading the material, starting the equipment and finishing the finished product.

3. Reduce costs. The automatic zipper threading machine can reduce 3 people, and only 1 person can operate the machine.

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