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99% of people still don't understand the quality management project of zipper machinery

by:ZYZM     2022-01-22

The zipper machinery is environmentally friendly, stable in quality, low in heat sealing temperature, good in airtightness, strong in tension, and durable in plastic clip chains. After many tests, it can completely replace similar imported products. The machining accuracy of zipper mechanical parts includes dimensional accuracy , shape accuracy and position accuracy. 99% of people still do not understand the quality management project of zipper machinery.

The specifications and models of zipper machinery The specifications of zippers refer to the width and size range, and the unit of measurement is Taiwan. The most characteristic important dimension.

The products of zipper machinery have strong performance indicators, which can determine the scope of use and durability of the zipper. Clearly stipulated, but also the basis for testing the quality of the zipper.

The length of the zipper chain is the most important dimension, which is related to the size of the garment and the closure body or part of the garment. The method of measuring the length of the zipper is: place the zipper flat on a flat platen to make it in a natural state, and use a steel ruler to measure from the top of the slider to the outer end of the bottom stop, and the end zipper is measure to the outer end of the socket. During the production process of the zipper, due to the inertia of the equipment and considering the integrity of the connecting teeth, the length of the zipper is allowed to deviate, but it must be within a certain range.

The test method for the flatness of zipper mechanical products is: take a finished zipper, lay it flat on a flat table, make it in a natural state, and then use your fingers to follow the chain Move the tooth edge back and forth once on both sides, use a ruler to gradually move closer to the bend, and then use another ruler to measure the distance between the chain element foot and the ruler, this distance is the straightness.

The above is the quality management project of zipper machinery, I hope it will help you. In addition, in the daily use of the zipper machine, the operator should always check the chain and each transmission part of the zipper machine. Once the damaged parts are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time. If you have other questions, you may call us for consultation. at your service.

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